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The Northwest is home to fantastic mountaineering. While the elevations are not astronomical, there is every other sort of technical challenge present. The world-record snowfall means there are glaciers aplenty, leading to a wild, rugged ambiance. And of course, every good Northwest mountaineering trip involves a healthy dose of bushwhacking, routefinding, river crossing, and other goodies. Often the crux happens long before the upper mountain is reached. Ahh, but Summit Rolos make it all worthwhile.

Mt. Fury
(28 images)
Dome Peak
(12 images)
Glacier Peak
(9 images)
Forbidden Peak
(15 images)
Mt. Challenger
(36 images)
Burgundy Spire
(16 images)
Bonanza Peak
(14 images)
Luna Col
(27 images)
The Barrier
(23 images)
Mt. Stuart
(18 images)
Northern Pickets Traverse
(32 images)
The Pickets
(16 images)
(12 images)
Other II
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